other magic tricksFrom this page you can access some other magic tricks that we offer. These are the magic tricks that we won’t update as frequent. None the less, we have worked hard to find some really cool magic tricks for you to check out. So without delay, lets tell you what these “other” magic tricks are.

NOTE: As this website was just recently created, some of the listed magic trick pages may not be up and running yet. Please bear with us and we will have it up in no time. Thank you for your patience!

Optical Illusions – Witness some of the most mind bending optical illusions known. These could be simple, plain picture illusions. They could also be videos for which we will have a separate post to talk about them.
Street Magic – Watch awesome magicians taking their talents to the streets. These tricks involve quick and fun tricks on civilians on the streets. These could also include street magicians performing, for which we will explain how they did their tricks.
Magic Performances – We compile some of the best showcases of magic. We will talk about certain performances and how they could have possibly done the tricks. These tricks could include presentations from famous magicians like David Blaine, to legendary magicians like Harry Houdini. This page is just for you to enjoy the best magic has to offer.
And Many More – The above listed magic trick pages are just ideas we had planned when we though about starting this website. As our journey goes forward, we will continue to add more pages with different magic tricks. We need your support for this however, if you have any ideas on more possible tricks we could add, always feel welcome to contact us  and fill out the form.


That is it guys, jump on to one of those pages and enjoy the awesome art of magic! Again, we truly appreciate your continued support for this website. For all things magic, remember to keep visiting slickmagictricks.com