Learn cool and fun Coin Magic tricks today!

coin tricks

Coin magic is widely used among magicians and tricksters. Coin magic tricks can be done anywhere, quickly and all you need is a small coin. This is primarily why coin magic is so famous. There are thousands of coin tricks all over the internet, and so we have found some of the best.

We have created easy step-by-step tutorials for you to learn some awesome coin tricks super quick. Therefore, you will be able to master tricks that even expert coin magicians like David Roth, Jay Sankey and Giacomo Bertini do today. So what are you waiting for?

The coin tricks are split into three sections for your convenience. Simply click on the section, that best fits your interest.


What Type Of Coin Tricks Are You Looking For?


Essential (Basic Sleight Of Hands) 

The essentials are the core of coin magic. They are the basic slights that make up many of the more advanced coin tricks. If you are serious about coin magic, we highly recommend learning these slights. They are used in many more advanced coin tricks, so it is worth learning them.

Easy (Simple Coin Magic Tricks)

If you are just looking for some quick and fun coin tricks that you will be able to learn in no time with minimal effort, this section is for you. The easy card tricks can be learned quickly, and require little to no knowledge of any sleight of hands.  They are perfect coin tricks for kids, beginners or any newbie with an interest in magic.

Advanced (Coin Tricks For Professionals) 

Our advanced coin tricks compromise of tricks that require knowledge of some sleight of hands. These are the tricks that you see the pros doing. Being able to perform these tricks will require practice and time, but  they promise to pay off in the end.



Essential Coin Tricks

These are the most Common coin tricks that are constantly used among coin Magicians

easy coin tricks

While these may seem difficult to learn for beginners, it is worth knowing how to do them as they are a part of many others more advanced coin tricks. If you are serious about magic, we highly recommend you learn some of these.

However, if you are only looking for some quick easy coin tricks to do with your friends, then we suggest that you head over to the Easy Coin Tricks page, and get lots of ideas there.

Click on one of the following links to be re-directed to the tutorial for that trick/sleight.




classic coin in palm

 Learning this move is essential for a lot of coin tricks, so we highly recommend that our viewers learn this. It involves palming a coin in the hand in a way that it seems like nothing is in your hand.

The french drop

The French Drop is a sneaky sleight of hand in which it appears the you switched a coin from one hand to the other, but the coin actually remains in the first hand, making the coin vanish from the empty hand. This procedure is used in many advanced tricks so you should give it a look.

The Pinch Trick

Another effective sleight of hands coin trick, that is used in many bigger coin tricks. It is a very simple, but really effective and highly recommended by us.


Easy Coin Tricks for beginners/kids


Although these coin tricks may be easier to learn, that does not mean they aren’t equally or more awesome than the more advanced coin tricks


Here you can learn the casual, or easy coin tricks. These are great coin magic tricks for kids, beginners or simply people who just need some trick ideas to impress their friends. We have brought you some enjoyable
coin tricks for beginners - easy coin tricks coin magic tricks that will surely impress your audience and make you look like a true magician!

Are you an experienced coin magician and want a bit more of a challenge and want a bit more of a challenge? Visit our advanced coin tricks page to learn coin tricks that require a bit more skill.

Click one of the links below to learn the corresponding easy coin tricks, we will be updating this page frequently with new tricks, so be sure to check back regularly! 

Coin squeeze disappear trick
Fun little trick that is really easy to do and is perfect for easy coin tricks. Involves squeezing a coin in your palm until it disappears!

Coin & Paper Vanish Trick 
A super simple trick that involves the magician wrapping a coin with a piece of paper, only to later find out that the coin has vanished from inside the folded paper. A fun little trick that doesn’t involve and tricky sleight of hand procedure.

Make a coin appear out of thin air
A great ice breaker for an act, or simply to wow your friends without any preparation. The magician presents his empty hand, then closes it, and opens it to reveal a coin out of thin air.

Coin through hand trick
This is a great trick to completely stun your audience with. They will witness you put a coin through your hand! Highly recommended for all beginners to learn this one.



Here you could find more professional or advanced coin magic tricks

These are for the more experienced magicians who are comfortable with a lot of the Essential sleight of hands, as a lot of these coin magic tricks involve them

coin magic tricks

If you are serious about magic, and want to learn some of the more challenging magic tricks, these advanced coin magic tricks are for you. Be aware that if you are just starting out with magic, we do not recommend these. You would have to have good practice with the essential sleight of hand tricks to be able to pull these tricks off with little to no error.

Click one of the links below to learn how to do the advanced coin tricks. We will be frequently updating the page with new tricks so be sure to check back later for more! Also if you would like to buy some of the tools required to do these tricks, visit our store. Here you can buy a lot of them through amazon.




coin through glass cup trick

An amazing trick that involves tapping a coin with a glass until the coin goes through the glass, into the cup! A bit of practice is needed for this trick, and therefore it is more for advanced coin magicians.

zero gravity coin trick

Make a coin defy the law of gravity and shoot up from one hand to the other without throwing it. Again easier to learn by a experienced magician, but anyone can give it a try.

Penny through tic-tac box 

This trick is very fun to watch, and requires good practice in the disposal of the penny. Involves tapping a penny on a closed tic tac box until the penny is inside the closed box. Highly recommended by us.

flash coin disappear trick

Ok this coin might require some extra hunting for that specific coin, but it’s just an amazing coin magic trick that any individual who is serious about magic could think about getting. The coin literally vanishes in front of your eyes!