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Card Tricks are a favourite for a lot of magicians. There are endless possibilities to do a card trick and that’s probably why everyone loves them so much. Almost every magician uses card magic today, so you need to learn some of these below and get a few of the top card tricks under your belt today!

We have created easy step-by-step tutorials for you to learn some amazing card tricks super quick. Therefore, you will be able to master tricks that even expert magicians like David Blaine, Dynamo and Criss Angel do today. So what are you waiting for?


We have divided the playing card tricks into three sections based on the type you are looking for. Therefore, you can get started right away by clicking one of the sections below.


What type of Card Tricks are you looking for?

Card Tricks are a favourite for a lot of magicians. There are endless possibilities to do a card trick and that’s probably why everyone loves them so much. Card Tricks are used by almost every magician in one of their acts, so you need to learn some of these below and get a few card tricks under your belt today! To watch a Card Trick, simply click on a link below and you will be redirected to the tutorial page.

Essentials (Basic Sleight of Hands)

The essentials are the core of card magic. They are the basic slights that make up many of the more advanced tricks. If you are serious about card magic, we highly recommend learning these slights. They are used in many more advanced card tricks, so it is worth learning them.
Easy (Easy Card Magic Tricks)

If you are just looking for some quick and beginner card tricks that you will be able to learn in no time with minimal effort, this section is for you. The easy card tricks can be learned quickly, and require little to no knowledge of any sleight of hands.  They are perfect for children to get an interest in magic.


Advanced (Card Tricks For Professionals)

Our advanced card tricks compromise of tricks that require knowledge of some sleight of hands. These are the tricks that you see the pros doing. Being able to perform these tricks will require practice and time, but promise to pay off in the end.



Essential Card Sleight Of Hands


Our Essential Card Tricks are the most Common tricks that are constantly used among Card Magicians. They are great card tricks for beginners in card magic. 

essential card tricks - card tricks for beginners


While These may seem difficult to learn, they are great card tricks for beginners to learn. It is worth knowing how to do them as they are a part of many others more advanced card tricks.

If you are serious about magic, we highly recommend you learn some of these.  However, if you are only looking for some quick easy card magic tricks to do with your friends, then we suggest that you head over to the Easy Card Tricks page, and get lots of ideas there.

Click On one of the Following Essential Card Trick Links  to be re-directed to the full guide on the trick. New Tricks will be added over time for each page so make sure to keep checking back for more.

The Double Lift

 The double lift is an essential card trick for any anyone wanting to be serious card tricks. In this guide we will be showing you the 2 best ways to do the double lift. This is a essential card trick for beginners, as it is used in countless other card tricks.

The elmsley count

The Elmsley Count involves hiding certain cards in the deck, to make it appear like there are less cards then there actually are. Click the title to learn the Elmsley Count now.

Forcing A Card

The card force is extremely popular among magicians, and one will be required to use it in many card tricks, so it is highly  recommended by us. This tricks is simple, so is really easy to  learn.

The Pinky Break

The pinky break is a sleight of hand used for positioning, and aids other sleights like The Double Lift.


Easy Card Tricks for beginners/kids


 Although these easy card tricks may be easier to learn, that does not mean they aren’t equally or more awesome than the more advanced card tricks


Here you can learn the casual, or easy card tricks. Therefore, these are great card tricks for kids, beginners or simply people who just need

Easy Card Tricks, Easy card magic trickssome trick ideas to wow their friends. We have brought you some enjoyable card tricks that will surely impress your friends and make you look like a true magician!

Click one of the links below to learn the corresponding magic tricks. We will be updating this page frequently with new tricks, so be sure to check back regularly! 


Spell Out Card Reveal
This is an amazing trick, that will blow the minds of the viewer. Its super easy to do and can be learned in just 10 minutes! Check it out.

Levitate A Card
A Super simple trick that involves the magician levitating a playing card, and making it seem like it is in mid air!

Signed Card Travels to Pocket
A great simple card trick that involves the viewer signing a card and putting it back in the deck. Only to reveal later that it is in the magician’s jacket pocket!

Simple Card Trick by David Blaine
David Blaine stuns staff members at Esquire, and then reveals exactly how to do it. It turns out it is really easy to do. Check this super easy card trick now.



Professional/advanced card tricks


These are for the more experienced magicians who are comfortable with a lot of the Essential sleight of hands, as a lot of these tricks involve them

Card Magic Tricks, card tricks

Learn these card tricks if you are serious about card magic, and are willing to put in time to learn these tricks. However, be aware that if you are just starting out with magic, we do not recommend these. You would have to have good practice with the essential sleight of hand tricks to be able to pull these tricks off with little to no error. However, if you looking for some easier coin tricks, that are a lot less complicated to do, go to our Easy Coin Tricks Page



Click one of the links below to learn how to do the advanced card tricks. We will be frequently updating the page with new tricks so be sure to check back later for more! In addition, if you would like to buy some of the tools required to do these tricks, you can visit our store

Dream of Aces Card Trick

David Copperfield shows how to do his Dream of Aces card trick. This is a very tough card trick to master as it requires many hand sleights, and lots of room for error, but is wicked if done properly.

Hand Sandwich Card Trick

A fantastic hand card trick for experienced magicians. Although difficult to do, it only requires for you to know the double lift sleight trick.

Producing Card Out Of Thin Air

This trick is very fun to watch, and requires good practice before mastery. Involves producing cards out of thin air, check it out. Highly recommended by us.

David Blaine’s Signed Card Trick

Another very special trick by David Blaine. It again involves knowledge of the double lift, and is stunning to watch.